About Me...

Hi there! I am trying to bring together the different aspects of who I am, to be honest and transparent, and to recognize that who I am as a person impacts the work that I do. Everything written in this site is my own. 

I grew up in the woods of Northern Idaho in a little town called Potlatch. I moved away to Portland, Oregon as soon as I could, where I fell in love with bicycling, worked in coffee shops, got a pile of tattoos, and somehow finished a history degree. Portland is also where I came out as queer. Following my undergrad, I moved to Vancouver, BC for graduate school, and earned a joint Master of Archival Studies and Master of Library Studies. I moved to Arizona for work, and spent nearly nine years there, predominantly working at the State Archives. I also dropped out of a history Ph.D. program here! 

A few things that are important about who I am: 1) I am a cancer survivor, and it's a big part of my identity. You can read my story here. 2) I love cats, and currently have a roster of seven living with me. They are wonderful and terrible at the same time. 3) I love bicycles. 

I live in Burlington, North Carolina in my dear little mid-century ranch house on 3/4 of an acre, work as an archivist at nearby Elon University, and hang out with lots of cats and books. 


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