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About Me...

I work as an archivist and live with my partner Tsos in so-called North Carolina, and we do lots of thinking around decolonizing and indigenizing, especially gender and disability. My paid work is at a private liberal arts university, where my work centers around critical archives work and caring for the zine collection. I am also writing about  tattoos as personal archives with one of my mentors, Terry Baxter.  I am a cancer survivor and live with a permanent ostomy now, and identify as disabled, but am also really finding home in queer crip writing now! Also, I have five cats. The cat pictured with me to the left is Waylon, who is a bit of an internet celebrity. I found him in a park in Phoenix, AZ, where I used to live and work as an archivist at the state archives. (We keep the receipts!) I grew up in rural Northern Idaho, came out as queer and moved to Portland, OR as soon as I could (age 19), then lived in Vancouver, BC for a few years to get a joint master’s degrees in Library and Archival Studies at the University of British Columbia. I also dropped out of a Ph.D. in history in Arizona, but that is for a different story!


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